Tunbridge Wells Foot Care – Foot health care and Reflexology

I am able to offer appointments in my clinic this enables you to enjoy treatments in a clean, professional, relaxing environment.  The benefit for you is this allows you time away from your busy day; phone ringing, kids calling, washing machine whirring, mobile phone beeping.  Allow yourself 1 hour or so of health self care.

Foot health care treatments; You may have problems with the skin on your feet, problematic toenails or you have corns, callus or verrucas.   Vicky is able to offer a treatments in her clinic in the St Johns area of Tunbridge Wells or if you are not able to travel then she will visit you in your own home.

A couple of questions to ask yourself –

  • Have you had your feet measured recently?  If not, why not?  Our feet are forever changing shape, the bones can change in direction or they may spread out.  Fashionable shoes that we wore a year ago may not be suitable for the shape of your feet.
  • If you have corns, is this from ill fitting footwear?  Is it too tight? Too small? Or even too big?  Click for more information.

Reflexology treatments offered by Vicky are varied as she is trained in the standard Reflexology  technique and Maternity Reflexology (pre-natal, pregnancy, post natal).

Did you know 

Additionally to being a Foot Health Professional, Podiatry Assistant and Reflexologist, I give talks to support groups as this allows me to share my knowledge and love of my work .  I will present to small local support groups and to private care companies about Basic Foot Care and give a demonstration of a foot health care treatment.

Please call or email me for further details.