Corn – A corn is a small circle of thick skin that can occur anywhere on the feet.



They may be caused by

  • wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly. They may be too tight or too lose or the style of the shoe may not be suitable for the shape of foot i.e  shoes with a pointed toe may squeeze the toes together.

Corns often occur on bony feet as their may not be enough fatty padding for example a hammer toe may get a corn on the top of the toe where the toe bends and rubs on shoes.

What is callus (hard skin)?

Cracked heels

Callus (hard skin)

Calluses are hard, rough areas of skin, they can may be found on the heel, ball of foot or on the tops of the toes.

Calluses develop when the skin rubs against something, such as a bone, a shoe or the ground. They often form over the ball of your foot because this area takes most of your weight when you walk.

Other possible causes of calluses include:

  • dry skin
  • reduced fatty padding – elderly people have less fatty tissue in their skin

Treating corn 

Corns and calluses, can be removed by your local Foot Health Professional.

At home you can help prevent the build up of callus by using a foot file daily and applying a good cream with Urea in the ingredients.

Tunbridge Wells foot care uses CCS cream which is available at supermarkets and chemists.