Foot Health Care

Why do you want a foot health care treatment?  Perhaps you have nails or hard skin that you are unable to manage or you have corns that need removing.  There are many reasons to need a foot health care treatment, you need a temporary insole made as you have pain an area of the foot or you would like a routine foot care treatment to keep your feet in tip top condition!

Below is a list of reasons to book a foot health care treatment;

  • Routine foot and nail care
  • Nail cutting
  • Corn removal
  • Fungal Nail Infections
  • Verrucae (foot and hand)
  • Dry cracked heels (cracks & fissures)
  • Ingrowing toe nails
  • Athletes Foot
  • Hard skin (Callus)
  • Thickened nails
  • Diabetic foot care

Your first foot health care treatment Vicky will discuss your past and present medical history, request a list of current medication prescribed and will carry out a neurovascular assessment of the lower leg (below knee) – checking pulses of the foot, temperature and assess the skin of the lower leg and foot.

You may be thinking “Why is this necessary?”.  To put it in simple terms there are two reasons and the simplest of way of describing is as follows

  1.  Your feet carry you every day and it is important that they are kept healthy
  2. Your feet are the furthest part of the body away from the heart, it is the heart that pumps blood around the body to ensure oxygen and nutrients are given to all parts, if there are parts of the body that are not fully functioning then the feet may need additional attention.  Culminating all the information given and allowing Vicky to assess the feet allows for a fuller picture to be established.

“It’s like fitting the pieces of the jigsaw together”

Additionally, foot health care advice is given ie shoe and fitting advise and ongoing “at home” self care advise.  It may be necessary another Health Care Professional may be contacted to ensure that further advice or treatment is carried out. We may decide that you should visit your GP or another healthcare professional, together we will ensure you are gaining further support if necessary.

Insoles can be made for your shoes if there is friction or pain from your current shoes. Consequently, having insoles made may not always be the final answer and they may be used as a temporary measure until a Biomechanics assessment is carried out.

Overall, foot care treatments are very important for anyone as no-one wants to walk around with painful or sore feet.

Diabetics should have foot health care treatments regularly; one of the early changes can be loss of sensation (peripheral neuropathy) in your feet, often starting at the toes.

All treatments are private and confidential.