Vicky offers Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology. Reflexology is a natural therapy that may help the body relax, release toxins, enable better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. It works by stimulating reflexes in the feet that correspond to points in the body.

With all Reflexology treatments a specific routine is used and this is always adapted to suit the person receiving the treatment. You may require a treatment as you are suffering with stress and anxiety.  Vicky will work the whole body through the feet however she will focus on areas that can be symptomatically linked to stress for example; palpatations then the heart and diaphragm will be calmed, you may suffer from stress headaches, so the shoulders, neck, head and jaw area may be calmed, especially if you have holding tension in these areas.

Vicky has her own personal story of stress and anxiety and how it can affect the body, or in this case how it affected her body.  She first encountered Reflexology as she was suffering with stress, the treatments allowed her to relax, to let go of any tension she was holding.  The treatment after effects are carried in the body for a few days, however what Vicky held on to was the feeling of relaxation.  In times of stress she would find a quiet place to sit and breathe deeply, relaxing her jaw, shoulders and neck, slowly this would help ease off the feeling off stress.

Reflexology isn’t a treatment that you can have once and think, “Great, now thats done I can get on with life”.  Of course, carry on with your day to day living, however, have more treatments, think of them as your “time out”, like going to the hairdressers or having a manicure or pedicure.  It is vitally important we look after our bodies.  Stress is silent and it does have lasting effects of the body.